Horse Stalls

We offer one-of-a-kind stalls at reasonable prices. We do our best to offer a common sense approach to helping you design and build your dream horse farm with everything from our economy line stalls to your custom one-of-a-kind stall at a price you can afford. We feel our custom service is second to none in the industry.

We do our best to accommodate unique situations and turn them into what works best for you and your horses. Whether one stall or one hundred stalls, your project is important to us.

Our stalls are designed with the horse’s safety and comfort first in mind.

Convenience, ease of use and safety for owners and stable operators are always taken into consideration.

  • Complete horse stall systems
  • Custom, semi-custom, economy line, aluminum bar gates, custom heavy duty steel or stainless bar gates, portable stall systems, European style stalls.
  • Stalls can be fabricated from steel, aluminum, or stainless
  • Installation and lumber available
  • Delivery available

Our standard stalls are built using 11ga channel to hold lumber and tie it into the frame. 1 1/2″ square 14ga tubing on door frames and 1″ round 14ga. Tubing spaced 4″ on centers for vertical bars in grillwork. Bars are 36″ tall allowing for more airflow to your horse. Bars in sliding doors are 40″ tall to accommodate yokes or openings. All steel is powder coated. Latches are spring loaded in line with catch attached to track so there is nothing in the way that would cause injury to your horse.

These are for our standard line of stalls however there is a huge variety of materials available and many things can be changed according to your needs with very little difference in costs.

If cost is your biggest concern, our economy line is easy to install with very little construction experience and is priced very economically. The economy panels are built with the same channel our standard line uses, however panels are only 30″ tall and have 1/2″ round bars spaced 4″ on centers, use a different latch system and the doors do not have a welded frame.

We work with our customers on custom stalls to produce exactly the stall they have in mind. There are many different things to take into consideration when designing something unique so we do appreciate getting involved when your farm is still in the planning stages as some minor structural changes can sometimes make everything work out much easier for everyone involved.


Consider these factors when designing your farm and stalls:

  • Size and number of stalls
  • Style of stalls
  • Ease of access for horses
  • Feeding and cleaning
  • Safety of both horses and people
  • Comfort of both horses and people

Barns and stalls should have good air flow without being drafty, have plenty of natural light and take into consideration the nature of horses. We understand that there are many different theories as to what is good and healthy for horses so the best we can do is tell our customers what has worked for us and the people we have met and worked for over the years and try to accommodate what works for you. After all, it is your barn and your horses.

Contact us today to see what we can create for you!